Chief Executive Officer

I’ve been on the path to co-founding Curated Wealth Partners since my father began taking me to his first store in Brooklyn, a newsstand, at the age of 5. Working in his stores is where I got my start learning, and loving, to help people. Ultimately, that is the core of our business.

I started in the wealth management business thirteen years ago. Prior to that, I spent over a decade working in finance. During that time I worked in the international equity markets, helped launch companies in investment banking, institutional equity research, venture capital and asset management, and completed my MBA.

The diverse skills I acquired over those years have been important. However, it is my enthusiasm for learning from, and relating to, my clients that has earned their trust. Clients know that I am genuinely interested in their well-being, and that of their families.

They know that I will listen more than I talk, ask good questions, and that I will work hard to help them succeed in the next phase of life. That could involve selling their company, buying a new business, establishing a charitable foundation, or readying their children and grandchildren to receive the substantial wealth they’ve built. Over the years, I’ve helped clients with all of these issues, and more.

I’m excited and grateful to be on this next leg of the journey, one that started when I could barely reach the countertop at that newsstand. Of course, I couldn’t do it without the help of my wife, Andrea, who inspires me to stay grounded and focused on what is truly meaningful in life. We live in Manhattan Beach with our two children and two dogs, and if we aren’t running or biking around the neighborhood, we’re thinking about the next ski season.


I am a co-founder of Curated Wealth Partners. I believe my previous 16 years in the industry, across multiple disciplines, were an ideal foundation for the work I do with our partner families today.

My attention to detail, good listening skills and great empathy are appreciated by our clients. I believe my ability to connect and maintain strong relationships with people helps foster opportunities and mutually beneficial connections for our firm and its partners.

Participation on highly competitive sports teams throughout my life taught me many lessons and helped hone skills that I continue to employ in my day to day work and interactions.

I am happily married to my amazing husband Janne, and we live in Manhattan Beach. Together we founded a non-profit called NextStep, which I’d love to tell you more about! Away from the office I dote on our two dogs, Papi & Bean, enjoy mountain vacations – summer and winter, and speak with at least one of my five siblings daily.

Chief Investment Officer

Co-founding Curated Wealth Partners is the most exciting thing I have done in my 20+ year career. The opportunity to continue to employ my broad investment experience with our partner families is a clear and natural progression in our professional relationship.

I began my career as an equity trader, securities analyst and portfolio manager and I rely on my experience investing through many market cycles, including the dot-com bubble and financial crisis. My clients have most consistently complimented the way I help them navigate investing by marrying their risk appetite and investment style with my views on opportunities in the marketplace. By leveraging ten years of buy-side experience, with an additional twelve years of advising wealthy families, I work hard to create a client experience driven by transparency, objectivity, integrity.

I am a southern California native and have lived in the South Bay beach community for 20 years. Most often I can be found outdoors enjoying running, cycling, ocean swimming and hiking. Any time the chance presents itself my wife and I grab our passports for international travel…as long as we can find a volunteer to watch our 5 year old English Bulldog Otis.


I began my career in Business Management over twenty-one years ago, prior to which I was an accountant for over five years.  For the last 21 years I worked for two families and their affiliated business.  During that time, I provided a concierge approach to supervising and managing daily financial activities and worked closely with all family members, investment advisors, lawyers, estate planning and insurance professionals to achieve the families’ long-term goals.  I truly care about the well-being and best outcomes for the families with whom we work.  My experience makes me a natural fit for my role with Curated Wealth Partners.

I grew up in Puerto Rico and am bilingual in English and Spanish.  My husband and I live in Palos Verdes with our three children: Denine, Darren, and Ryan. We love to go skiing in the winter, relax on the LA beaches in the summer. We are avid supporters of Los Angeles professional sports teams, and attending games and concerts are favorite family events.  


I started my accounting career twelve years ago and believe my experience in different industries has made me adaptable, diligent and brings insight to complex financial situations. I find it very fulfilling to work with a broad range of people and to establish trust in order to cater to the client’s needs. I truly consider my work to be a reflection of myself and strive to bring across the skills I developed in my past to streamline processes and create efficiencies.

I was raised in the South Bay but not long ago moved to Long Beach to be closer to my husband’s family. We recently welcomed a baby girl into our lives and are so excited to show her the world. On the weekends, you’ll find us scouting out new hiking trails or spending time with our friends and family.


I began my career in marketing and management, working in a variety of luxury industries in both the U.S. and Europe, including several years living in Italy.  These experiences gave me invaluable skills that prepared me for the dynamic and ever-changing financial services industry.  I now enjoy putting those skills to work on behalf of our clients, and I take great pride in helping to streamline their financial lives.

Born and raised in Santa Barbara I have a natural affinity for all things outdoor and Central Coast related. You can often find me traveling, hiking in the mountains, sipping a good glass of wine, or relaxing on the beach. I am also incredibly passionate about animal rescue and conservation. I actively volunteer for a Los Angeles-based dog sanctuary and hope to amplify this passion by focusing on endangered species in Africa.


I am thrilled to be a part of the Curated Wealth Partners team, steering Family Office Services to greater success. I began my career in business management over a decade ago, assisting high-net-worth individuals and families with all aspects of their personal and business finances. I enjoy partnering with client staff, vendors, accountants, and attorneys to provide a seamless experience for our clients.

I derive professional satisfaction from building relationships with clients, and over time, being able to anticipate their financial needs before they do. Over the course of my career, I have helped clients through seminal moments in life, including buying, selling, and building homes, births and deaths, marriages and divorces, and inheritances.

Native to Los Angeles’ South Bay, I migrated north to attend UC Berkeley and graduated with a B.A. in English Literature before returning to Southern California to be closer to my extended family. I have a passion for solo travel, whether it be a drive to Utah’s national parks or exploring Gorem, Turkey via hot air balloon. I also revel in multi-generational trips with my parents and son.


At Curated Wealth Partners, I have been fortunate enough to find a place where I can add value to people’s lives by pairing my strengths and skillset with my innate curiosity. My ability to simplify and solve problems enables me to help our families overcome the complexities that arise in their financial lives.

My journey to Curated has been driven by my desire to continuously learn. It began in wealth management as a student of the markets. Never complacent, it took me to complete my MBA and into real estate investment thereafter. I’ve been shepherded along by several mentorships worth their weight in gold. Now at Curated, I can leverage my breadth of experience to help our clients navigate the investment landscape.

Relatively new to LA, I was born and raised in beautiful and historic Charleston, SC. When I’m not consumed by a new book or on a Netflix binge, I enjoy traveling to new places, trying new restaurants, being on the ocean, and spending time with my wife and six-year-old golden retriever.