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Curated Wealth Partners is a multi-family office delivering financial advice and well-being to a select group of families. With the backing of some of the most sophisticated financial professionals in the industry, we launched Curated Wealth because our clients deserve a better, more integrated experience.

At Curated, our clients are our partners, and we use that word in our firm’s name with intention. As trusted, long-term, family advisors, we guide our clients through the many challenges and opportunities that come with generational wealth.

If you are interested in having us do the same for you and your family, please ask a friend or client to refer you.

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Investment Officer
Our clients crave simplicity, yet their lives are complex. They want their time back, the time that they are losing to the administration of their wealth.
We handle that complexity so our clients can spend more time pursuing what’s meaningful to them.
We believe that our clients want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their financial interests come first, and they don’t need to question the motives behind the advice they’re getting. Our clients value having a true partner by their side in their decision making.
We believe that access to investment returns, and the information necessary to evaluate them, has been democratized. Investors no longer need to rely on large institutions for that access. We stand by our clients’ sides to source and evaluate investment opportunities in an unbiased way.